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Beauty Plus Camera is a magical app that you would have never thought of. With its help, you can surprise everyone by adding great effects to your photos. Beauty Plus APK 2022 is a top-rated Selfie app for Android. It comes with tons of unique features like the Retouch, Makeup, filters. Latest Beautyplus apps APK Download Now !! 

The biggest thing about this app is that you can easily install and run it on a phone with 1 GB memory. Do you know that Beauty Plus Camera has edited nearly 800 million selfies so far and this number is increasing?

Aren't you surprised?
But this is true because the data of Google Play Store points in this direction.

The Beauty Plus Camera app was created primarily for taking and editing selfies.

But later a full photo editor has also been put in it.

Did you know that there are tons of apps similar to Beauty Plus Makeup Camera available on the Play Store that you wouldn't want to download?

Let us know about this great application and see where you can download the original app.

Update April 2022

Beauty Plus Camera is a very famous online makeup and photo editing app which is widely used all over the world.

There are many great features in this application, about which you will know further, but for your information, let us tell you that since the beginning, all kinds of allegations have been made on it.

The Indian government has recently banned 58 Chinese apps as well as Beauty Plus Camera.

In this post, you will not only know about the features of Beauty Plus, but along with this we will also tell you 3 alternatives of this app.

These options apps have the same features as Beauty Plus and you can use them very easily.

If you want to know about these three apps directly then click here.

About April 2022
What is Beauty Plus Camera?
What can you do with the Beauty Plus Camera app?
Live Sticker Selfie |  Live Sticker Selfie
Group Selfie |  Group Selfie
Remove Background |  Background Remover
Night Photo |  Night Photo
Travel Photos |  Travel Photo
Person Remover |  Person Remover
Photo Repair |  Photo Editor
Photo Editor |  Photo Editor
How to set the best beauty plus camera?
How to download Real Beauty Plus Camera?
Download 3 Best Alternatives to Beauty Plus Camera |  Beauty Plus Camera Alternative
Snow |  Snow
You Came Perfect |  YouCam Perfect
B612 |  B612
And finally…

What is Beauty Plus Camera?

BeautyPlus - So Easy To Take Natural Selfie!  (2022). Beauty Plus Camera is a great camera app made by a company called Meitu of China.

Meitu is a leading beauty and lifestyle app developer company with a strong presence in mobile photography and videography.
It's also one of the best photo editing apps for Android that makes portrait photos look even better.

You can guess the beauty of this app from the fact that it has been created with famous artists, photographers and real people.

That's what makes Beauty Plus Makeup Camera a great photo retouch app that's easy to use and gives great results.

You must have noticed that often the selfie taken from the camera phone is not good because it is made with the help of software.

Most of the camera's inbuilt software makes the selfie a little too polished.

This can either leave the photo too overexposed or cause a very uneven blur.

Overall the selfie doesn't look natural at all.
Beauty plus camera is the solution to all this.

What can you do with the Beauty Plus Camera app?

Beauty Plus Camera has some great AI features that are unbreakable –

beauty plus camera feature

1. Live Sticker Selfie |  Live Sticker Selfie
With the help of Live Sticker Selfie feature, you can put different stickers on your face and share them.

Whether you become a pirate or you will find this feature of Rabbit Beauty Camera a lot of fun.

2. Group Selfie |  Group Selfie
If you take selfie in group then this feature is of great use to you.

By selecting the faces of all the people present in a group, it gives a similar and very natural look.

It also has a selfie timer that gives you the proper time to take a photo.

3. Remove Background |  Background Remover

We often need Background Remover because many times we want to change the background of our photo and apply something else.

Although this can be done in software like Photoshop, it is difficult for ordinary people to learn it.

Moreover, other software does not even come for free, so this feature of Beauty Plus Camera is excellent.

With Beauty Plus Camera app, you can easily change the background of any photo.

4. Night Photo |  Night Photo
We often face the problem of low light while taking photos with a mobile camera.

If you use Beauty Plus Camera, then its excellent Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not let your photo deteriorate.

The Night Photo feature takes care of the colors and exposure of the photo even in low light.

5. Travel Photos |  Travel Photo
Travel Photo is the best feature of this app.

With the help of this feature, you can take your photo at any famous place.

Suppose you want to take a photo near the Tower of Pisa.

You just select the location and click your selfie in a pose.

The rest of the work will be done by the AI ​​of Beauty Plus Camera.

6. Person Remover |  Person Remover
This feature removes any person from your photos.

7. Photo Repair |  Photo Editor

This feature increases the resolution of your photo.

8. Photo Editor |  Photo Editor
Besides being a great selfie app, Beauty Plus Camera is also a great photo editor.

It has all the qualities that a professional editor has.

The great thing is that anyone can use this photo editor because it has a very simple interface.

There are tons of ready-made filters in this application that you can apply instantly according to the mood.

With the help of magic brush, you can apply on your selfie by painting whatever you want with your hand.

Now suppose you don't want to waste your time in editing then you can use its live retouch feature.

From applying the best special effects to creating attractive photos, it will do the work in just one click.

How to set best beauty plus camera?

beauty plus camera setting See the screenshot of our phone above.

You can register in it, this will keep you updated with any upcoming updates.

The premium feature of Beauty Plus camera is also great which has to provide many filter options but for this you have to pay some fee.

For the best setting, change the setting mentioned below and leave the rest as it is.

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