Best Smelling Men's Perfumes and Colognes of 2022 (India)

Today we present the best men's perfume for you to rock with an enveloping and sophisticated scent. After all, perfume is our personal signature and even our brand. Therefore, it is an indispensable special touch in the personality of the man.

Men's perfumes, from the most classic to the most modern, bring more masculinity and presence to men. Therefore, they are often involving, with woody notes and tones that convey a mature air.

So, here in this article you find out which are the best men's perfumes that are on the rise at the moment. Then you have access to our complete guide to choosing an ideal perfume.

Best Men's Perfumes of 2022

Best men's perfume

The most well-known perfumes from the brands Calvin Klein, Axe , Denver Perfume , Paco Rabanne and much more, let's see now.  These models are part of the most sold and used perfumes in India and in the world.

Discover the 5 best men's perfumes of 2022:

These are the most famous and with the best fragrances, ideal for use at work, or for parties and even to seduce.  The price varies a lot for each perfume, there are values ​​from Rs. 200 to Rs. 9000, check it out:

Men's perfume is made exclusively to highlight aspects of a man's personality.  Therefore, they are made with some temperaments and behavior in mind.

For the business man, for example, there are perfumes that extol power, glamor and successful personality.  For the most romantic and passionate, there are ideal perfumes for a date for two.

In addition, the masculine perfume is powerful in its fixation and projection.  In other words, it stays with you, in your body and clothes, for long hours.  Varying according to the quality of each perfume, of course.

It's also great for a feeling of freshness right after a shower, there are exclusive perfumes for the hottest days.  In this case, the perfumes are with notes of fresh herbs to exude sensations of refreshment.

So whatever your personality or occasion, there will always be a great men's scent to wear.  In this way, you ensure greater presence and prominence in environments, in addition to feeling good about yourself.

Let's find out more about men's perfumes for you to guarantee a very special choice.

What to Compare in Men's Perfumes?

Choosing a masculine scent may not be very easy, especially if you're looking for a gift.  But, calm down this time!  Well, here you know several tips to buy a model that is your face or the person presented.

Here's what to look for in men's perfumes:

Types of perfumes and personalities and occasions of use;

  • Pyramid of olfactory notes
  • Olfactory family
  • Perfume fixation and projection
  • Packaging: bottle quantity and type of applicator.

These are tips and basic information for you to observe in the perfume, especially if you are going to buy it without smelling it.  That way, you discover the perfume's intention, its temperament and what it goes with.

Types of perfumes and personalities

First of all, to buy a men's perfume, keep in mind your personality or the person you are going to gift.  In addition, it is also worth considering the occasion on which you will use the perfume.

See more about the temperament of the perfume and its personality:

Intimate, intense and enveloping: These are the perfumes to feel up close, ideal for more reserved personalities.  They are also good perfumes for versatile use, both night and day, for different events.

Perfumes with some of these characteristics are Calvin Klein and Axe Signature Dark Temptation.

Sophisticated, light and refreshing: They are great for mature men, family men and social people.  They are also excellent perfumes to please different tastes, they are always welcome on any occasion.

In addition, this type of fragrance is also great for use during the day and especially for the summer.  Some such perfumes are Calvin Klein, Axe Signature Dark  and Caviar.

Invigorating, energetic, fresh: For the urban, modern man who works in business, an invigorating scent is ideal.  This type of perfume conveys an air of success, confidence and a strong personality.

They are great for work occasions, to make a strong and energetic impression.  As well as they are also good for night events, social gatherings, among others.

Some perfumes like this are Calvin Klein Cologne and Denver Perfume

Mysterious, seductive, warm: For night wear, with a very special person, these perfumes are perfect.  Ideal for the man who likes the sweetest, most sensual and mysterious scent.

Some perfumes with these characteristics are Denver Perfume and mainly Engage M1 Perfume Spray.

Pyramid of olfactory notes

In addition to knowing which personality and temperament the perfume matches, keep an eye on its notes.  Well, the olfactory notes tell you which essences and ingredients are part of the perfume.

In this case, the olfactory notes behave in different ways.  Therefore, there is a “pyramid of olfactory notes”, in which each note stands out at some point.  Let's find out more:

Top (top / top notes): In the first spray of the perfume, the first note you feel is the top note.  In this case, it is the most aromatic note, which will determine the projection smell.

Body (heart notes): The deepest and most striking note of the essence is usually floral or fruity.  In this case, the note has the function of determining the root of the scent of the perfume.

Bottom (base notes): The bottom is that scent that stays at the end, the note that sticks the most in the body.  It is usually with this smell that you stay at the end of the day with your perfume.

Remembering that all notes work together, however, they stand out more at certain times.  Therefore, it is worth considering your complete combination.

olfactory family

Each male perfume can have a different olfactory family.  In this case, the olfactory families can be floral, citrus, oriental and woody.  Although sometimes they are also mixed.

In general, most men's perfumes are woody with some floral, citrus or oriental combination.  Florals are sweeter, orientals are hotter and spicy, and citrus are more refreshing.

In addition, the woody family, a favorite in men's perfumes, are more seductive and engaging.

Perfume fixation and projection

Each male perfume and in general, has a different type of fixation and projection.  In this case, fixation is the time it remains after application.  Projection is how much it involves the environment, leaving its aroma in the air.

As most of the models that we are going to know are Cologne, their fixation and projection are medium.  Therefore, they can vary from 4 to 6 hours in the body.

However, this statement is relative, it all depends on the climate, the application and even the person who applies it.  And, of course, there are brands that invest much more in fixation and projection notes.

As for projection, it is important to consider that perfumes with very strong projection can be invasive.  After all, the scent is something personal, if you intend to use it at work, for example, prefer something more discreet.

Packaging: bottle quantity and applicator type

It is also worth remembering that packages vary greatly in size.  If it's your first purchase, the tip is to stick with the smaller bottles for testing.

As for the applicator, this is an extra care, the spray models are favorites.  This is because they guarantee more precision in the application and distribution of the product.

Review of the 5 Best Men's Perfumes of 2022

Discover now the best and best rated men's perfumes of 2022 for you to enjoy:

1. Calvin Klein Cologne


  • Bottle: 200ml
  • Type: Cologne
  • Fragrance: Woody
  • Temperament: Intimate, invigorating, warm

Calvin Klein Cologne is one of the favorite perfumes among users, it has a fresh and pleasant fragrance for use at different times, both for work and outings and casual walks, it is very versatile.

The perfume is of the Cologne type, with a good fixation that can last up to 4 hours with the most intense scent.  It is not the cloying type, but light and very pleasant, ideal for everyday use.

The perfume's notes are: inviting aromatic musk and complemented by a simple fusion of herbs, citrus and florals.  Top notes are fresh bergamot, juniper and lavender.  Then it brings oriental white spices and magnolia, finishing with the warm notes of sandalwood and tonka bean.

This infusion brings a delicious aroma, young and refreshing, it is also a perfume with personality, so it is also known for having a bold touch in its essence that makes it one of the favorites.

Therefore, it is a very special fragrance for those looking for something versatile, because it is fresh, it can be great for the hottest days, bringing a refreshing sensation in the aroma.

In addition, it is a unisex model, although most users are male, due to the more intense notes of musk and woody tones.  It's also worth it because it's a cost-effective product, considering its price and bottle quantity.

2. Axe Signature Dark Temptation

Axe Signature Dark Temptation, is a super sophisticated Cologne with pleasant notes, ideal for social events, festivities, as well as for more special moments such as meetings.

The perfume is characteristic for its good fixation and intensity in the aroma, due to its notes with good presence.  But, despite being intense, it is not cloying, but enveloping, conveying feelings of security and a well-resolved man.

The perfume notes are: at the top (output) bergamot, cedar and lemon;  body: olive blossom aromas, aromatic notes and aniseed;  background: tonka and guaiac wood.  Passing a pleasant woody oriental aroma in excellent fusion.

This perfume is also known for its modern and sophisticated character, it combines very well with the urban, dynamic and successful man, giving a feeling of security.

And one of its positive characteristics is the good fixation of the perfume, which can last around 6 or 8 hours of use.  It also has a pump cap that facilitates its application and helps to spread the perfume with good use of the product.

This scent is great for evening or late afternoon, it's also great for special occasions and versatile for use on the coldest or hottest days.  It conveys a powerful sense of sophistication and security.

3. Engage M1 Perfume Spray

Engage M1 Perfume Spray Men is considered a favorite for its intensity of mystery and enveloping aroma.  This is that perfume for those who want to seduce with a lot of charisma and sophistication.

The perfume has that enveloping air of mystery, it is very penetrating and intense, in the first sprays it can involve the environment a lot, but it accentuates soon after.

Its projection is average, so it leaves the air in the air, but it doesn't bother people around.  In addition, the freshness of the smell is also a feature, due to the mint note at the beginning.

Its top notes are: mint, green notes and apple;  heart notes: pepper, nutmeg and cumin;  base notes: musk, cedar and leather.  This is an intriguing fusion that leaves a really hot feeling in the air.

Another very positive point of this perfume is the fixation, it lasts for hours on the body, if you want to use it for a more intimate encounter, you will definitely have the perfume for a long time, being able to last more than 8 hours.

In addition, it comes in a great packaging, with a spray cap, ideal for better application of the product.  The bottle comes with 200ml and another positive point of the perfume is the price, as it is also one of the favorites for the most affordable price.

4. Fogg Xtremo Scent ,100ml

Fogg Xtremo Scent is a very sophisticated perfume for everyday use, especially in the morning or afternoon, it brings feelings of confidence and a good personal image.

It is not for nothing that it is a sophisticated perfume, after all, it is made by one of the brands recognized for its elegance and glamour, as well as for its discretion.  The same is the sensation of the Blanc perfume.

As for the notes of this scent, it opens with refreshing top notes of grapefruit and is enveloped with cardamom and rosemary.  It then reveals an unexpected note of Mexican tuberose.

And its base notes are leather, suede, vetiver and cedar, which give it a sophisticated masculinity.  It is a woody and pure floral fragrance, ideal to be used in special and casual situations.

In addition, it is a perfume with great projection, in this way, wherever it goes, it certainly leaves its signature.  However, it is not suffocating at all and does not invade other people's space.

The fixation is also great, according to the users it is one of the perfumes with excellent fixation, leaving only with the shower.  It stays on skin and clothes, leaving its mark for hours.

Therefore, it is an excellent option for those looking for something refreshing and light, while also leaving its presence striking and intense.

5. Denver Perfume 

Denver The Scent is more ideal perfume for those who want to please in a passionate encounter, with its intense, spicy and very seductive aroma, all with a touch of sophistication.

The perfume is also a favorite among users, it has a slightly sweet aroma, but without being cloying, it is very enveloping, makes you want to get closer to smell it.

The difference is that the sweet aroma is aphrodisiac and quite exotic, due to the use of an exclusive ingredient, African maninka, which offers a pleasant sweet and magnetic sensation.

In addition, the perfume also has notes of freshness of lavender and invigorating ginger, combining the energetic power of ginger with a more pleasant and enveloping touch of lavender.

In the starting notes, the perfume has virile and addictive leather notes with the sensuality of vanilla, which add an intense and seductive heat to the fragrance.

The finishing touch of leather also adds a magnetic and more powerful masculinity, giving a pleasant feeling of confidence and security.

Therefore, it is another excellent perfume, sophisticated and with an advantage in projection and fixation, it is wonderful for involving the environment in a non-invasive way and it stays on the body for hours.

What is the Best Men's Perfume?

The Engage and Axe is one of the models that we can consider the best. This is because it is the most versatile and with the best approvals by the general public. 

This is not an expensive perfume, but it is super sophisticated, ideal for work as well as a romantic dinner. Not to mention that it has a good fixation and projection in the right measure. 

The perfume notes are: aromatic musk and herbs, citrus and floral. Top notes are fresh bergamot, juniper and lavender. It also brings oriental white spices and magnolia, finishing with the warm notes of sandalwood and tonka bean.

Therefore, it is an ideal fragrance for various purposes, it is fresh and versatile, and can be used normally in the summer. 

Best Men's Perfume Value for Money

For those looking for a price advantage and a good quality male perfume, the tip is Fogg. This model is perfect for the urban, sophisticated and modern man.

In addition, it is well known for its good fixation and intensity in the aroma, due to its notes with good presence. Its woody tone is what stands out most of its notes, leaving pleasant and enveloping sensations.

Therefore, it is certainly a great alternative for those looking for something economical and of good quality. Most users praise it for its fragrance and good fixation, in addition to the good price.

What is the Best Men's Perfume Brand?

The brand that deserves a very special highlight in perfumery is Fogg and Calvin, Denver . This brand has been recognized for many years for the sophistication and quality of its perfumes. 

And it wouldn't be for less, after all, the brand is inspired by the highest fashion trends and also essences. Bringing exclusive aromas and perfumes that become references around the world.

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