Say 'THANK YOU' In French Language

How do You Say Thank you In French language form English (Examples, Meaning, Pronunciation and Some Words ).

English to French
Thank you


Je vous remercie

French translation

Comment dites-vous merci en français sous forme d'anglais (exemples, signification, prononciation et quelques mots).

examples of 'Thank you'

How to use thank in a sentence

Comment utiliser le remerciement dans une phrase

Synonyms of Thank you

English: thanking, appreciative, appreciatory, glad, grateful, obliged, thankful, contented, delighted, gratified, pleased, satisfied, tickled, beholden, indebted

French: remerciant, reconnaissant, appréciant, heureux, reconnaissant, obligé, reconnaissant, satisfait, ravi, gratifié, content, satisfait, chatouillé, redevable, endetté 

Antonyms of Thank you

English: inappreciative, thankless, unappreciative, ungrateful, inhospitable, rude, thoughtless, ungracious

Français: ingrat, ingrat, ingrat, ingrat, inhospitalier, grossier, irréfléchi, peu aimable

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