Pushpa movie hindi dubbed allu arjun full movie Full 1080p

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Pushpa movie hindi dubbed allu arjun full movie Full 1080p

THIS is rauabm.org.in at pretty easy reviews and i'm here to review the telugu film pushpa the rise part one starring alow arjun if you're new to paradise reviews. 

I do film reviews and trailer reactions of indian cinema wow oh man it was such an enjoyable time at this repairing of director sukumar music director debbie sri prasad and of course star aloo arjun so back in you know over 10 years ago. 

THEY made arya and arya too favorite are the origin films of many fans and this is something completely different oh my gosh okay we've seen the trailers and we knew this was a rustic setting. it's about red sandalwood smugglers it's a period i don't know exactly i'm guessing kind of 80s whatever i'll just tell you i loved allergens big bushy hair i love the red tents in the hair which echoed the sandalwood i love the big beard love that whole thing it was awesome and it was an awesome performance. 

NOW i will be honest with you i completely forgot until the end of the film the fatherhood fossil was in it because there's many other villains along the way so for instance sunil who i've seen in all different kinds of supporting parts um frequently comedy and here he was playing a really menacing uh syndicate boss uh for this whole sandalwood syndicate anyway so the alu margin is playing someone i mean it's called you know the the rise because literally it's somebody who rises up from being a day laborer a driver for the sandalwood smuggling all the way to heights within the smuggling a whole syndicate thing i he has a sidekick and i'm sorry i don't know the actor's name and wikipedia and imdb are failing me on this one 

BECAUSE I couldn't figure it out but anyway i really loved their scenes together i love the comedy in that so the songs are very different because again it's this rustic setting and he just has. this kind of i don't know even menacing to his dancing the love track with rashmika some of my favorite scenes she was awesome her love declare i'm not going to tell spoiled plot but her love declaration was an amazing memorable scene and then there's one particular dance number that she does and 

IT'S one i mean we've definitely have had songs about a hero okay but this is the first truth thirst song that i could really think of uh i mean there was a memorable line about um when he's wearing his lungi and and raises it up and he she can glimpse his thighs you go girl i absolutely loved that whole song sequence um because it's just really about her craving for aloe vera's push pup and and how se*y is that was just an awesome twist on what we normally have uh the hero lusting after that heroine and a song sequence now speaking about lusting after a 

HEROINE samantha prabhu does an amazing item number song in the middle of the film and it is awesome there's a particular dance move where she and ello arjun are you know like doing doing this dance number where they're kind of crab walking on them on the ground like i'm not describing it in a poetic way but oh it was really awesome and there was another song where alu arjun uh is falling in love and he keeps kind of dancing and losing one's shoe love that absolutely love that little touch okay so

THERE'S i'm talking about everything but the action a lot of great action sequences and in particular now this is a film that had casting changes and many troubles with al-marjan catching covet and so many stops and starts to the filming because of the pandemic and from what i understand it was down to the wire to get this film put together in the last weeks to get it ready now i will tell you that there were some uh there were some weird things with the subtitles because there would be subtitles when there was no dialogue so that tells me that they were making last minute changes last minute changes and taking out voice over narration but then, 

WE STILL HAD the subtitle remnants of that that didn't get taken out again with some really weird typos of misspellings of english words so they mean to call somebody a rogue and they say rouge which is like what you put on your cheek and then whether they're saying whether or not but then they they spell it like whether like you know rain or sunshine kind of weather so not the greatest subtitles i mean there was parts that weren't subtitled at all just brief little moments but where i was like uh taken out of the film because there wasn't subtitles and then subtitles when nobody was talking like i said um anyway so, 

I ALMOST COMPLETELY forgot one of the things that i was most excited about in the trailer was that fahad fossil is in this film and he is only in about the last 20 minutes because i completely forgot this is just part one so really he has an incredibly intense scene this is his first film in telugu language. 

IF YOU'RE not familiar with him he's a huge star in mali lm cinema he's one of the finest actors in indian cinema and he this is his first time i i just thought. 

HE MADE SUCH AN IMPACT in this um scene as this you know new uh sp come into the town and they set up this conflict for you know whichever lately will be much of the part two film now i couldn't find anything about when part two might be coming out so if you've heard anything please let me know because obviously i cannot wait this was i mean it was a three-hour film and i felt like it was just a rocking good time all the way through and i'm not going to say that 

IT COULDN'T have been trimmed a little bit but i felt like it was a really good intense plot and i was kept captivated for the whole three hours i just had such a good time in the movies my theater was absolutely packed in my suburb of chicago absolutely packed uh which was exciting to be first day for show uh for a new telugu film for a new allu arjun film and just have this big crowd out to see it all right i thought this was awesome

DEFINITELY worth seeing in the theater let me know what you thought about it in the comments below we'd love to hear your impression i just thought it was such a different kind of a part for aloo arjun and i really i really liked everything that he put together in the look for his character and the the little gestures and texts that he had for his character and just the screen presence

THAT he had um as pushbutt was amazing all right let me know what you thought follow me on twitter everydayt follow me on instagram at predaizyreviews and if you hit the bell here when you subscribe you'll never miss another trailer action or film review  

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