OGWhatsApp Massager APK Download (Official 2022) Latest Version

Whatsapp's Anti Ban version OG is very popular mod apk so far. You have to scroll down to download Latest Free Apk. WHATSAPP has OGWHATSAPP apk to use pre-built message scheduler.

OG 2022 is a pro level whatsapp apk which is similar to gbwhatsapp. Also, recently the hide and show feature has been added to it, which gives you more freedom to send secret messages.

OGWHATSAPP is the best apk for you for Whatsapp themes, ringtone, status updates


OGWHATSAPP is the pro modded apk of Whatsapp which is a free text messaging chat app launched on Play Store in 2010. Many more features than Whatsapp original app have been given by its creator in ogwhatsapp apk. This apk is 100% fast, easy to use and free to use download. It is not available on play store or app store. For Android and iOS, the apk link is available from the official website itself.

version v8.09
installed 1000000
Genres social media
Last Updated 24 hours ago

You can also customize og Whatsapp according to you. Where in WhatsApp you used to have trouble sending large size files and folders and it also took a lot of time, whereas in og Whatsapp you can send large size files and folders very easily.

OGWhatsApp apk


There are a a lot of different between whatsapp and OG WHATSAPP in the terms of or you consider features of them. Like whatsapp owns by meta (was once Facebook) and OG is developed by some third-party Coder. 

  • pre-built message scheduler.
  • Change Theme
  • Password Protection
  • Stop Internet
  • Hide typing
  • Hide Bluetick
  • Rooted Status
  • And more 

Now you get to know in which cases ogwhatsapp apk is better.

How to download OG Whatsapp app on Google Play?

Due to the policy of Whatsapp and Google, OG whatsapp app could not be launched on play store. You can download OGWhatsapp on website - rauabm.org.in

How to Install OGwhatsapp Apk?

When you install OG apk for the first time from source other than google play store then you get warning show from chrome or other browser. So you have to turn on Unknown sources by going to the security options in the phone settings.

How to Install OGwhatsapp App on iPhone, iPad or PC?

On Apple's products appstore, like the play store, you do not get the app there too. So you can download OGwhatsapp in iOS by installing apk file from Google.

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