(Google Drive + 4 Other) Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Data Backup in 2022

Data is a crucial thing. We can store the data in memory card for future but it is not enough. Memory Cards are not a good solution to save Digital Data Media. There are many flaws in it like file format, card breakage, card lost. Our, your every single data is very important. Like we have an emotional connection with photos, videos. We would never want it to ever get away from us. 

That's why Cloud Storage Services is a great space where we can keep data backup for future without any fear. Another advantage of online storage is that you can keep a backup of all types of data formats such as PDF, GIF, Images, Zip, Videos, etc. here. You can access it from any Devices (PC, Laptop, Mac, Android and IOS), any county (United States, Canada, UK, Australia, India), by login with User ID and Password.

The Best Free Cloud Storage You Should Consider Using Online in 2022 Free Cloud storage 

By storing the file on the Internet, you are able to keep it with you for a long time. Photos, videos, pdf, etc files are very important for us, so cloud storage should be used.

Free cloud storage

What is Cloud storage?

Instead of storing your data in a local host (such as computer, laptop, phone), you put the online model called the cloud through Cloud Computing. These are made by hosting, which is called cloud storage. These cloud storage services provides which are free and premium.

Here are the Unlimited Cloud Storage Drive to Secure You Backup Data


Features ➜ Google Drive

  • Lifetime Upload Files with Free Version of It. Easy to move to premium plans
  • Google Drive provides 15GB to every GMAIL account holder.
  • Once the account is set up, it can be accessed from the remote area.
  • Of course it is a Google product, so it has a powerful and easy-to-use interface.
  • Most Secure Cloud Service Out there in the internet

Google Drive is one of the most frequently used in the world to store, share, and collaborate all types of content files. In this, you get the option to share the uploaded files only through the link. The feature of searching files of Google Drive is the most unique because it filters that content by name, dates, file type with AI technology which makes it very fast. So you do not face any problem in finding the file and sharing it in the team, family members, social media.

2. pCloud

Features ➜ pCloud

  • Open account for Free 10 GB Cloud Storage 
  • fast file transfer and syncing 
  • Good at privacy Settings 
  • Store Any Files format 
  • end-to-end encryption
  • Better option for Cloud Storage of music files 

Founded in Switzerland in 2013, pCloud has emerged as a better cloud storage option for the privacy of its users. In a few years, more than 10 million people are registering on this and consuming free and paid plans. If you have to keep backup of personal work like whatsapp photos, gallery photos then it can be thought of a free cloud storage. 


Features ➜ Icedrive 

  • Offering 10GB Storage For Free 
  • Sync with Cross Platform Devices 
  • Reliable, Fast Cloud Storage Services 
  • Twofish Encryption Support 
  • Upload , EDIT, Make Folder, and Delete Files 

ICEDRIVE is a UNITED KINGDOM Based Cloud Storage Provider that provides you 10GB to back up any file. Its slogan is "The next generation of cloud storage".

4. OneDrive

Features ➜ OneDrive

  • Offering 5GB Storage For Free 
  • Easy to Sync with Cross Devices 
  • Most Secure, Fast Cloud Storage Services by Microsoft 
  • Backup PowerPoint, Excel, Words files easily 

The Best free online cloud storage if you want to fast share files Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage gives you up to 5GB of free cloud. The advantage of using OneDrive cloud services is that you can access it from any devices after creating an account on it. Onedrive has been created by Microsoft itself which is a very large company that works secure and fast. By the way, a lot can be stored in 5gb, but you should use OneDrive to upload and store photos. 

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