Average Cost of Living in florida Cities, 2022

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the Article is going to teach you whether it's a good idea for you to get your ass down here to florida or maybe it's not for you but today we're going to talk about all

The pros and cons and the true cost of moving down to florida

where you live if you stick around to the end we're going to talk about how the 2022 could potentially complicate the situation now what are some of the top reasons why people are moving to florida.

umber one it's going to be money yeah it's probably one of the most important factors for just about anyone so in florida you have no state income tax believe it or not some people don't know what that actually means because they don't have toreally focus too much on their taxes but
once you start making a lot of money or once you start having your own business
paying state income taxes can become a
huge burden so in florida just like texas we don't have any state income tax at all florida doesn't even have any estate tax and that's why so many elderly people have moved to florida just yesterday my hometown or home state i should call it of new jersey

just announced that they're going to be rolling out a millionaire's tax so what that means is that a lot of wealthy individuals who are mostly business owners are going to be relocating where do you think they're coming they're probably gonna come down here to florida which means more jobs and just a better economy overall

florida also has a very strong job market and a strong economy since there's been so many companies that have been moving down here in the past few years one of the other reasons why people are moving down to florida

is because this is 2022 and it's an election year and florida is a swing state a swing state means that it can either go republican or it could go democrat so a lot of people are voting by moving to florida because they feel their vote may count more than it would in their home state one of the other contributing factors that we've never seen before

IS that people are moving out of these

large cities because there's been so many ridings so much violence and just quality life is really diminished in a lot of other places in the country (United States) so if they're relocating why not relocate to somewhere that hasn't really

experienced any of that so a lot of people are choosing florida and especially a few cities in florida and i'll get into in just a second because the quality of life is through the roof i mean you could just step outside and and have a day's full worth of fun without having to spend a single dollar now i'm going to speak on this as well because for myself one of the main things i realized is that since i've been working from home there really is no point in having to be in new jersey the work at home revolution has made everyone just start to scratch your head and think like do i really need to be working from a cold state where it's freezing every

winter or somewhere where i'm paying so much money to live when it's not necessary people aren't just moving out of the big cities and going into the suburbs people are moving from state to state and

especially right now i experienced it myself when i came down here to florida

there was a humongous waiting list to get a u-haul truck give me more details on that later now personally one of the main reasons why i chose to come to florida is because of the weather especially down in south florida the weather here is pretty much gorgeous all year round the worst time of year for weather is actually the summer here in florida because it routinely gets into the 90s even a triple digits but in the winters and that's where it's the best to be down here in florida and that's when most people actually come down to florida who own homes or second homes or vacation is in the winter months so

while everything is slow and everyone's laying back back home you have everything going on down here in florida so there really isn't any downtime for floridians so that's why i especially wanted to come down here to florida the other reason is because of the trend the trend that's happening right now with so many people moving down here to to florida the opportunity is just so much more right now it's i've been in real estate for many years and i've never seen such a constrained real estate market which means that we really don't have any opportunity to make any money right now and as a real estate investor because everything's so overpriced but i do see the trend where there's a lot of people from the tri-state area and other parts of the country that are moving down to florida

which means that real estate prices down

here are definitely going to increase and that's why i came down here so i can continue investing and be close to my investments one of the other reasons that a lot of people overlook is the culture

the culture that florida offers is one like no other that i've experienced really in the united states i mean california and texas are probably a close second and third but florida just has this culture where you can just be outdoors all the time the kids don't have to be stuck on their computers they don't have to be on their tablets year round

they're not six months out of the year inside the house you're not paying expensive gym memberships so you can go and have something to do with the family in the winter you can literally just step outside your house and have a blast you guys can go and to the beach every day go to pool every day you guys can go to free events down here the cities have so

many events for families and for kids that it's just you never have to spend a dollar it's just incredible they have free zoos for residents free parking for residents there's just about everything you would ever want to do you can do here yeah i just saw a crab it was a little crab let's see in this

this crap back it just feels different down here guys i mean you just wake up you run on the beach you start your day like that you can end your day like that too it's just this is wonderful i mean i've been fishing with my dad already i think i think we've been fishing already like four or five times since we've been down here and it's something that my dad and i wanted to do for i would say without an exaggeration over a decade and we've done it so many times here it is so much fun have you ever had family visit me here already i've only been here for a month

it's crazy all right so let's talk about some of the cities that you should be looking at as far as where the best cities to live statistically sarasota and jacksonville are some of the highest highest migration rates right now and rightfully

so because they're great cities they're great schools they have a lot of things going for them that people are looking for so if i were you i would look into those cities i know i did but i wanted to be a little bit further down south personally i wanted to be in an area

which is more central to all the major hubs and i'll get into that in a second where i picked to live tampa is out definitely one of those cities that you guys should be taking a

look at the reason why tampa is so it's so important that you should be looking at is because it's experiencing major major growth i actually visited tampa last year and i always thought i didn't really think tampa was that sought after i guess you would call it or maybe a desirable place to live but man after visiting tampa holy man they've got so much stuff going on there their bay is beautiful the redevelopment they're doing down there is crazy there's so much money being spent right

now in tampa

i would definitely take a look at that place uh saint petersburg area that that area is really up and coming um i'll definitely be spending some time around there visiting and getting to know the location but if i were you i definitely i definitely would check out tampa or st petersburg now there are some downsides to tampa obviously it's a bigger city so you're gonna have obviously um some crime higher crime rates but there are some really good pockets so you guys should definitely check that out next is coral gables in miami and that was one of my top

top picks as well coral gables is just one of those how would i call it like almost like a beverly hills pocket in florida is this gorgeous a little pricey so if you guys are on a budget i i wouldn't i don't know if i'd be looking at coral gables but a very nice community these schools are excellent just about everything you can ask for and you're just minutes away from miami airport now the only problem with coral gables for me was that it's still part of miami which miami i love believe me if i was single i'd live in miami if i didn't have kids i'd live in miami but miami has a lot of congestion very rude people not everyone i'm not going to talk in generalities but very rude

people and uh crime i mean you can go literally a few blocks outside of coral gables and you can probably experience some pretty high crime rates a lot of homelessness there's some some issues going on in miami and not

only that but when you go to miami especially now doing a pandemic it's a totally different feeling. there's people wearing masks on the street those people wear a mask while they're working out you can't even step outside of your your you have to even wear a mess if you live in a building inside your building it's just crazy it just feels like there's too much of a lock down there so a lot of people are moving out of miami believe it or not but miami does have

one of the highest percentages for education so it's rated i believe an eight or nine out of ten if i'm not mistaken miami is definitely doing well on that front but it definitely has some drawbacks too and a lot of people don't like to be on top of each other anymore so they're

moving out of miami pretty in pretty high consistent rates and where are they going they're not moving out of florida they're just going to a few neighboring town over so we'll talk to you about that in just a second next we have fort lauderdale and fort lauderdale was actually one that i thought about too but for some reason i just said the fort lauderdale was probably not going to be a good option from for myself just because fort lauderdale is also a very popular city i wanted to get a little bit away from that i wanted to be a little more laid back and have smaller classroom sizes for my for my kids and just to make sure that it wasn't like pockets of nice streets i wanted to be like an entire town or county that was a very nice place to live so

what we decided to do was actually start looking at 

the west coast of south florida 

and we finally decided on naples naples was perfect for me and naples a lot of people will probably think of it or picture it as being a more of a retirement town but to be honest with you a lot of areas in florida are retirement towns with the exception of miami and i mean a lot of retirees are there too but more and more families younger families are moving to naples and

the reason why i decided it was the right fit for me is because i'm just an hour and a half away from miami and i'm just about an hour and a half to two hours away from tampa so i'm right dead smack in the middle and i'm three hours from orlando so i'm right in the center of everywhere that i would have business partners so for me it was a perfect fit the schools are magnificent the beaches are beautiful quality of life is crazy crime is non-existent all the major stores are here and this town is growing guys and there's a lot of money here a lot of people a lot of wealthy people have moved down here because of the golf courses quality of life just everything is exceptional here so that's why we decided to look into naples and if you're looking.

to purchase a home down in florida naples might be the right place for you and if that's the case well i know a great real estate agent down here with an awesome team of agents that can help you make that dream come true.

The true cost of being a floridian well number one 

the home prices here have risen by seven point seven percent up to about two hundred and forty six thousand one hundred and seven dollars in 2022.

uh now this is pretty much on par with the national average of what a home costs but it's still a bargain compared to all the major cities i mean if you're coming down here from new jersey or new york and you're buying a house for 250000

man that's a steal because in northern jersey new york california some of these boston some of these northern uh or even uh big states in these big cities you're paying a ton of money to live somewhere that is not going to give you such a good quality of life and you're going to be stuck with something very small for the price over here 250,000 will get you a nice home now there are some hidden costs which obviously now is that the prices have gone up so you may want to act fast before they continue to go on that trend but the other thing that a lot of people don't take into consideration when moving to florida.

is that we have homeowners associations uh and homeowners associations have association dues and here what you'll notice is that they don't have just one set of dues they could have two sets of dues and even maybe a mandatory club fee so a cluffy is let's just say for instance there is a golf course community they would mandate that you

become a member of the golf course which could be twelve thousand twenty thousand dollars a year it could be pretty pricey not only that

but then you have your master hoa your master homeowners association which may be the one that controls all the common areas and then you may have your your sub hoa which is a secondary for your smaller community within a larger community so these things could add up pretty quickly so you want to make sure

you understand that because the taxes may be a thousand dollars a year for your property which is insane because i didn't even pay a thousand dollars a month back home for a thousand dollars a year that's just absolutely great but you can get homes outside of hoas here you don't have to be in nhoa so that's an expense that could be avoided

if you know what you're doing next we want to talk about is insurance now insurance as you may know florida gets a lot of hurricanes and sometimes get pretty nasty weather but even up the coast now you're seeing

a lot of other states getting hurricanes we've been pretty lucky uh this year so far but your insurance will be more

expensive down here maybe your auto insurance might go down depending on what part of the country you're coming from but your homeowner's insurance is going to be a little bit higher than

what you normally see now let's talk about some savings for you to move down to florida are you going to be saving any money that's important too besides the cost of a home or besides maybe lowering your

auto insurance is there any other real savings well yes there are well remember in florida you've got so many free activities you've got so many things to do outdoors there's so many things you know you can do with the family so many things you can do just to meet other people meet locals it's just very inexpensive here guys there's so many free activities and then if you want to do some other activities it's a very low cost there's a lot of things you can do that is not going to break the bank i've had fun here guys and i really haven't gone crazy you can find deals on groupon

i found a fishing trip where they take you out on the on the bay to go fishing i think it was about 60 bucks per person they provide all the tackle all the bait it was awesome you know that was fun you do things like that you go jet skiing rent boats you could do so many things out here that you just believe me guys couldn't do this back home at least not year round another thing is that you don't have to worry about any heating so there's no gas there's no propane there's no oil you have to worry about any of that now you do have uh air conditioning that's on year round

but i found that if you just keep your air conditioning on a moderate level and you keep the fans on it does a really good job i mean maybe it's just because it's so hot outside that you know a little cool weather indoors it feels like so much better but it's all going to differ depending on what you find is comfortable next you have like i mentioned before the property taxes property taxes down here guys are so low it's ridiculous compared to most most other states but not only that but then you also have a homestead rebate which basically lowers your taxes

even further you just have to apply for that and you get it no problem and then one other thing is for me is that i want to say western florida because it's different on in miami but western florida just has that feeling of just being more free you just have a little bit more freedom here guys and just you don't feel so restrained is what

i'm saying you just feel like there's you wake up in the morning you're excited to start the day and i know that hasn't to do with savings but i just want to throw that in there before i forget that you just have it just feels different so imagine when you're on vacation how you feel when you wake up that's how you feel every day

here guys i can't make that up now there are some downsides and we have to talk about some complications that you may have if you decide to move down to 

florida some complications 

might be first of all that it won't be easy because it is a rough real estate market right now guys really really tough real estate market so if you're looking to come down here and buy well you're going to have some obstacles because there's a lot of people buying right now homes are selling when the first day on the market for above asking price just like they are in most other places in the country uh but i tell you what it's going to definitely pay off if you get yourself a property in my opinion here in florida now uh when the migration works its way through your home is going to be worth a lot more money

i mean let me just give you an example guys i i had a property under contract for 275 down here and we decided not to move forward with that property that property resold for 335 000 just a month later insane it's just it's crazy how the way things are down here so the other thing you're gonna have to think about too is the moving process like i mentioned earlier u-haul trucks are scarce right now coming from the northeast

it's probably the same way in california we had a three-month waiting list for a u-haul truck and i didn't know that i called the day before for a u-haul truck and he told me if the guy was like trying to hold back his laughter so we've been sold out of trucks for the last three months so what did i do i had to drive two hours into pennsylvania to rent a u-haul truck to get our stuff down here and that's not something that

i would wish on anyone else because it was very stressful so hopefully you guys are planning your trip a little better than i did so if you're looking to move make sure you reserve your truck way ahead of time okay guys not fun and i know it's it's like a balancing act knowing when you're going to move but it's a lot more difficult trying to scurvy one up the day before and the last thing is should you buy or should you rent well that's a great question in my opinion there is no wrong answer to

that if you buy obviously you're going to be building well from day one if you rent it's okay too because renting for a year may just allow you to take that time to kind of come down here figure out where you really want to be figure out what you can really afford figure out how business is going for you and if you like it down here and if you do then at least you can buy with ease and comfort not being rushed you don't feel like you know there's a timeline for everything so that's just my opinion guys and

that's my summary for why it's a good idea or a bad idea for some of you to look into florida and what are some of the hidden things that you don't know about and where are the best places to live now if you guys want me to do a more detailed breakdown of what the top 10 cities in florida to live in are just leave it down below in the comments and i'll create that video for you guys but this video is intended for my business-minded people who are thinking that florida might be a good place to reinvent yourself a good place to come down here a freshly.

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